3DConnexion Wireless with Macbook M2

Dear All,

I ordered a 3D Connexion Wireless mouse. As everyone probably knows, it comes with a USB-2 dongle.

I have a Macbook Pro M2, so no USB-2 ports. I would like to know if I can use the mouse with an adapter, and what adapter that would be.

I have tried called the company, but no answer. I could open the box to get the serial number and submit a support request. If I have to return the mouse then I have to repack it. That seems silly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


what would you like the adapter do? Replace the dongle?

Perhaps for
SpaceMouse Wireless



If you have
CadMouse Compact Wireless

that will connect via Bluetooth too.


Probably not, just adapt the supplied dongle to USB-C

I use an adaptor similar tothe first one you show with the USB receiver for a Logitech mouse with SketchUp for iPad. Works well.

I guess my question is do these USB-C to B adapters work with the Spacemouse dongle.

I do not have a Mac, but I’m almost certain that should work.

Any usb-A to usb-C adapter will work.

They do. I use one daily.

What Logitech mouse, I use sometimes my mouse with my iPad but it doesn’t need to be connected the receiver, it connects via Bluetooth.

I have an M510. I’ve had many years of excellent service from that model so I got one for the iPad.


Any chance you remember which adapter you use. Some seem to be pretty iffy (I almost said sketchy).


I imagine you could get any and be ok - it’s not a high bandwidth device, so it shouldn’t be susceptible to any major issues.

So far as I know it’s just a connect-this-pin-from-A-to-that-pin-on-C device. My main concern would be with the quality and durability of the pins and sockets. I bought a bunch of these when Apple in their infinite wisdom put nothing but USB-C on the MacBook Pro. I’ve had no problems in four years of use.

I bought a mid-priced adapter from the large S. American river, and it seems to work fine. My worries were unnecessary. Thank you all for your patience.



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