[solved] Yet Another Space Mouse Issue

Okay, I’ve been going over these forums, reading everything I can tagged with “space mouse” “3dConnexion” “drivers” and whatever else might be relevant, but I’m apparently missing something fundamental.

I have a SpaceMouse Wireless (the little guy). It is connected to a Mac mini (pre-M1) via its wireless receiver. I’ve installed the drivers, but when I go into SketchUp proper, it is unresponsive. Only the shortcut keys on the side work. When I open the Extensions Manager, I don’t see anything “3DX” related. I went into System Settings, set configure to “SketchUp”, selected “install drivers”, and it acted like it installed, but nothing changed. I’ve restarted the Mac at least twice by now. I’ve opened and closed SketchUp multiple times.

Like I said, I’ve gone over the forum posts, but nothing I can find seems to match my situation (or I can’t find it at all). I know the SpaceMouse is working because of the aforementioned shortcut keys and it also works in the Safari browser for scrolling up and down the forums.

I could really use some help right now.


Update/Edit: I did eventually find the relevant forum thread I was looking for just now: 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse not working in SU 2023 - #4 by slbaumgartner and I was able to create a new folder for SketchUp2023 and copy the drivers over from 2022.

The 3DC drivers are not yet aware of SketchUp 2023 and so don’t install the extension for it. There are several topics describing how to copy them from SketchUp 2022. Otherwise you will just have to wait for them to update their drivers (don’t hold your breath).

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Unfortunately, I uninstalled SketchUp 2022 a few months before installing 2023, so I guess I’m out of luck, then.

Did you also delete the Plugins folder in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/… ?

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Unfortunately, yes.


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I found it.

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copy both the “registrar” .rb file and the folder containing the three parts of the extension code.

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According to their rep on the 3DConnexion forum, they expect to release driver version 10.8.0 around mid-March, and it includes support for SketchUp 2023. He didn’t say what else might be changed in that release.

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