Space mouse not working

Space mouse is not working on 2023 sketchup pro, on a Mac M1, operating system Ventura

Did you only recently install 2023? I had to restart my PC twice before mine started working following the upgrade. You may also have to reinstall the drivers.

I was able to get it by following this thread

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I followed these instructions you referenced. Are you using an M1 Mac?

Yes I am on a M1 Mac

I don’t know whether 3DC has built a native M1 version of its SketchUp extension. It may be that if you run the M1 version of SketchUp the binary part of the extension can’t load?

I had the same problem with my Space Navigator not working in SU 2023.

I asked the support people at 3D Connexion to see if the latest driver for Mac OS, version 10.7.4 was OK.

I received the answer that the latest driver does not officially support SU 2023.

However, they pointed out that some customers have found a workaround which consist in copying the 3DxSketchUp folder and the 3DxSketchUp.rb file from the 2022 Plugin folder to the 2023 folder. Those are in Library/Application Support.

I tried it and it seems to work.

See here