3Dconnexion SpaceMouse not working in SU 2023

Notice that copying the files didn’t work for clearplanmodeling, but duplicating the folder did. I wonder if there are permissions issues if you manually make the folders and copy the files? You could try the duplicate way.

I am on a Mac Studio with a M1 Max Chip.
As mentioned before, I did not copy into a new folder, I just renamed the whole library from …/Sketchup2022/… to …/Sketchup2023/…

I am on a MAC BOOK M1 too,
As mentioned, go to the root dir, in FINDER select “Macintosh” HD
/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2022.
duplicate and rename …\2022 → …\2023
restart SUP 2023 , worked fine on my system

Thank you all for the fix.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestion and workaround to get the 3d Space mouse working in SU 2023.
following the instructions above it worked fine for me.
I have an IMAC running macOS Monterey Intel chip.
Hopefully, 3Dconnexion support team will release an updated driver very soon, so that everyone can use their product with this version of SU
Have a good day

Hi All,

Space mouse Wireless not working since upgrading SketchUp to 2023 version. I did download the latest 3DxWare (v10.8.12) but to no avail. Was working great in 2022 version of SketchUp.

I do have 2022 still installed, but am quite confused with instructions noted above. I am running MS-Windows 11, SketchUp 2023 and 3DxWare 10.8.12.

Suggestions please?

Did you try what was suggested in this thread?

Please update your profile with SketchUp version, operating system, and graphics card.


OK, I’ve updated my profile per your admonition. Although I don’t think it will help me much.

As for my issue with SU2023 and Space Mouse, no I haven’t “try what was suggested in this thread?” as for what I see the dialog pertains to Mac based issues, not MS-Windows 11. Perhaps you’d care to be more specific? or have a suggestion that pertains to my issues other than ‘update yer profile’?

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Hey All,

Have new M2 Mac Mini with SketchUp Pro 2023 up and running with
3DConnexion Cad Mouse Wireless working fine. Unfortunately new Space Mouse Enterprise does not work with anything except 3D Connexion training program.Installed and reinstalled Sketchup several times with restarting of computer. The SketchUp Plug-in folder is correctly labeled and in the right place. Is it possibly an issue with the new Mac M2 chip? Any ideas?

The 3DConnexion driver does not yet officially support SketchUp 2023, though that seems to be an installer limitation as multiple people have gotten it to work by manually copying the extension from SketchUp 2022. They have said in their forum that an update is coming, but as usual on Mac they have missed the target they mentioned.

That said, I have no explanation for why your wireless space mouse works but your enterprise does not. Edit: oh, wait you wrote cad mouse not space mouse. The cad mouse emulates an ordinary mouse from sketchup’s perspective so it doesn’t require the extension.


I just reloaded SU 2022 and the 3DX Enterprise works fine. Thanks for the response. When the bugs get worked out by either Apple,SketchUp or 3DX
I’ll start using SU 2023 again.

This worked for me too. Great. Thanks for the advice.

FYI the latest revision of their driver(released last week) is aware of SketchUp 2023

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I had the same problem after upgrading to SU 2023 Pro, so I downloaded/upgraded the latest driver for 3DConnexion space mouse wireless, and it works great.

Guys if you are using Mac or PC here is the link to the driver download 3DxWare 10 Archives • 3Dconnexion UK
You need to install the exe after downloading and restart your computer.

Is it a copyright thing? Can we simply upload the .rb file here? It’d be 3 fewer steps, and we can all get back to what ever we were drawing.

THANKS! That worked! I usually lose a few weeks and a lot of hair sorting this fail from SU. And nobody tell me it’s not a fail, they should tell us!

Worked for me too!! thank you so much!! Can’t go back to life without my SpaceMouse :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem as you. I have Windows 11 and my 3D Mouse is not working on SketchUp Pro 2023.

The examples provided here so far have not helped. I tried looking for an extension for the 3d mouse in the plugins folder for SketchUp Pro 2022 but didn’t see any.

Places to look: Appdata\roaming, Program data, Program files, Program filesx86
these are locations where pieces of the software are installed. It should also be listed in the extension manager. The software is a separate download and not installed from within SketchUp.

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Thank you @RLGL

I found the SketchUp Extension for 3d mouse named 3DxSketchUp and manually placed it in Plugins folder for SketchUp Pro 2023

I found it here: C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\Plugins

Again thank you!

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Hi there… I’ve just change my Mac and I have no more my SKP2022 install to copy the extension file… Please could you upload it ? Thnaks