3dconnection freezes

hi there - got a issue with my 3dconnection driver and SU2021.
since the update my 3d mouse works for about 2 minutes and then freezes in sketchup.
it still seems to work in other programs when this happens.
meanwhile I tried everything. and at this point ive reinstalled the latest Sketchup version, reinstalled my macOS (Monterey 12.0.1). and bought a new 3d mouse… helaas - did this problem not go away.
is this a known error within the sketchup community, and does someone have a solution?

kind regards,


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Has 3DConnexion updated their drivers for Monterey? Seems like that’s where you should be looking for a solution. This wouldn’t be a SketchUp problem.

On my Intel MBP with Big Sur, I have seen that same sort of freeze using the latest beta driver (r3386, released Oct 19). It didn’t happen with the previous release (r3356), so I’ve gone back to that one. I didn’t see any SketchUp-specific issues in that one, but it has the universal bug that you can’t turn off the LEDs! Very annoying at night.

I haven’t seen word from 3DConnexion regarding Monterey compatibility, have you? I assume they believe that Monterey doesn’t add any important issues beyond what they are struggling with on Big Sur. It’s been more than a year that they have been working on compatibility with Big Sur! I can appreciate that they have a complex issue getting it to work with so many apps, but so far it seems each new beta to address one such problem introduces new bugs or regressions! Plus, as usual, their development progresses at a snail’s pace.


Hi Dave,

thanks for your reply - I wish it was that simple indeed. Got the latest mouse driver in beta.
the device seems to be working perfectly in other programs, and only “freezes” in Sketchup.


thanks Steve - im going to try exactly that: back to an older driver.
will let you know if it helps.


Can’t comment on Monterey/Mac, but I have noticed with the latest Windows version (using Spacemouse Enterprise) that big models can sometimes ‘lose their place in space’ when navigating around using the 6-point mouse. It’s a weird feeling when suddenly left goes right, right goes left and neither up or down make a scrap of difference. That’s the simplified version, given that we’re talking about a Spacemouse! The only workaround I’ve found is to zoom out and let the Spacemouse find itself again.
I just hope 3DConnexion get this one sorted soon!

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Did you bring this issue to their attention?

Yep, I certainly did. Am in fairly regular communication with the gurus in Germany.

Anyone found a fix for this? I’m having the same problem with the Beta 20 driver (freezes after 2 minutes). I would try to back down to the Beta 19 driver, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where to get it?