3D Mouse stops working spontaneously, SU won't quit

A few minutes or so into working with a model, my 3D Connexion Space Mouse stops working. Sketchup is still fully responsive, and the buttons on the 3D mouse still work, just no 3D use.

To restore 3D function, I must first quit SU, and re-open the model. Saving, closing, and re-opening the model alone will not fix it- SU must be quit first; but get this: SU won’t quit anymore. It’s a force-quit every time.

This is unrelated to model size. I drew a plain cube in a new file, and got the same behavior.
This behavior persists with my wireless or wired 3D space mouse.
I have been running Big Sur with the 3D space mouse without issues until very recently; I thought the most recent update to SU might fix the problem, but no.
There doesn’t seem to be a update/change/event preceding this problem (although there most obviously is…)

Thoughts anyone? I can’t force-quit SU every 15 minutes.

When did you last update the 3D mouse software?

I seem to remember that 3DConnexion has not yet published a driver that is compatible with MacOS 11 or 12 and that they have sent beta versions to people who have requested it. I might be wrong.

This is a known issue with the latest beta driver for Mac. It also affects other apps. 3DConnexion says on their forum that they hope to have a release candidate that includes a fix ready maybe today.

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Interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for the new driver, and hope it fixes the issue.

I’m still nonplussed, because my system was quite stable using the old beta driver; I was hoping the new beta would fix it. Perhaps the program updated itself and caused the problem? That doesn’t seem right. I was guessing at a hardware issue.

Follow up: are there options to 3DConnexion? I use these tools professionally, and waiting for a proper driver through the pandemic was kinda-sorta-ok… but it’s really not OK anymore. I need the tools to work.

Is there an alternate that I should be looking at?

You probably should talk to the 3DConnexion folks about the driver thing since that’s all on them.

I’m curious about alernative devices, too. Kind of seems like 3DConnexion has a corner on the market.

There are tons of joystick-type controllers, but I don’t think any of the manufacturers have written SketchUp-compatible drivers for them.

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We’ve been waiting on a Mac driver for an eternity, and they’re consistently behind on releases. I’m not going to waste any emotional or professional energies on that front.

The list of “well-known” issues is long and storied, and many of the (incredibly helpful!) posters on this forum are versed. I’ve dug into the faults well enough to fix what I can, and create a stable platform; but the current fault is new, and I’m not hopeful.

I suspect that the combo of Mac/SU is somewhat niche to their market, and as such, bottom of the barrel.

I have not been at all impressed with 3dConnexion’s work during this beta period. I realize that there were complex changes required due to low-level changes in how drivers attach to macOS, and that there are a lot of specific apps with their own notions of what the 3DC device should do, so this was not a simple update. But it seems like they didn’t even start addressing it until Big Sur was on the street despite months of macOS beta versions, and their rate of progress has been glacial (more than a year now!). It seems that each new version of the beta driver introduced regressions (i.e. broke things that worked previously) and then it took them months to correct. They have stated on their website that they hope to have a release candidate ready possibly today…we’ll see.

This particular bug was introduced in the last (“version 20” = r3386) beta. It affects multiple other apps too, not just SketchUp. You can go back to the previous one (“version 19” = r3356) if you can tolerate inability to turn off the LEDs. That one has been stable for me.

I would think that some ambitious game-controller maker could get into this market. But I have no idea whether 3DC has surrounded its devices with a forest of patents. Also, SketchUp isn’t an interesting market to most game makers.

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This morning (13 December) 3DConnexion published Release Candidate 1 of their driver for macOS Big Sur and Monterey. I installed it on my Monterey 12.0.1 Intel MBP, and so far it is working well. I don’t have an M1 Mac, so can’t comment on whether it is also ok there.

A long wait, but finally…