3D Warehouse Zones Out On Me

Okay, so, I’m importing trees into my model and everything is going fine.

Then when I go to search for another tree, the window just stops responding completely and nothing will fix it.

Anyone know why it does this? I use the “Get Models” thing from inside of the program.

You’re on Win10. Try typing ctrl-L and go to 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com. Anything?

Also try Window->Components, and search from there.

Closing and restarting SketchUp seems to fix it, for like 2 minutes, and then it blanks out again.

I’m able to visit the website via browser it seems, but it doesn’t give me the option to load the models into my model…

As an afterthought, please excuse the vulgar-ish filename in my filelist from the screenshot. >.<

Network issues on your end - we’re not sure how we can help with that. For example, see “Could not connect to 3D Warehouse”, but my browser can

Alright, if it’s on my end then I can just reset the broadband modem I guess.