3D Warehouse Upload Suggestion

Can I suggest the Trimble allow 3d Warehouse users to add their own image of their uploaded component rather that have this clunky, slow and limited functionality autogenerated image.

Apart from being quicker, more stable and intuitive; users can show additional relevant information such as component options dialog… etc or even a small “how to” gif that some here are very skilled at…

Prompted this by the regular crashes I am having uploading a component over the last few weeks, often when the image generation action starts and the bizarre process I have to go thru to update an autogenerated image when it is outdated or too small to be visible…

PS, yes I know there is a small risk of inappropriate images being uploaded, but that risk already exists with anyone making an image a component… and all uploads to 3DWH are registered…

pretty sure it’s not an autogenerated process.

it’s simply the view when saved and uploaded. if you set a readable style, and zoom on the thing, with a proper framing, you’ll get it as a miniature. if you upload a file while in a weird style and weird camera angle too.

Well the upload chugs away for a few minutes apparently rendering an image… I wish it would just use my W10 file explorer thumbnail… that seems perfectly stable and updated whenever I save my file, not like the component browser thumbnail…

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some virus scanning / integrity check / security stuff on the server side, because it’s all on servers, better not to pollute it.

Then the file is converted in glib (or another set of letters) to allow for the VR tool.

@TheGuz can probably tell you more about that.

Like you say, uploading a specific thumbnail could be problematic and require moderation. An idea could be to be able to change the point of view post update, here.

On the model page, we can already click on the thumbnail to load SU viewer. Could be an idea that on YOUR models you could adjust the point of view of the thumbnail, without having to reupload and update of the file.

dunno if feasable. dunno if actually needed / worth the time.

Maybe it could be like Trimble Connects’ Cover View and Data Views.

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I think the problem with user generated thumbnails is that there is nothing stopping people from uploading images that do not represent the actual model… I have come across more than one model that includes a scene of an image in the model. The image shows what the model is SUPPOSED to look like, while the model itself is lacking (and has an extra image inside that I have to delete if I want to use it).

I had though 3DWH used the last view/scene saved in the file… is that not longer true?


no I think that’s still it, last time I uploaded something I uploaded updated files because I realised they were all off centered - on mac, I use the full width of the screen with panels on top, with empty space behind.

but the same way some people can be misleading with photos, other just don’t care about the framing of the file

Actually , adding further to the mystery of thumbnail generation… I just noticed the my components browser thumbnail updates live when I change a value in the components options dialog… but the viewpoint does not change… it seems some static full extents view established automatically… I have not saved this SU file yet to my server…

After Value edit

PS… I have a pipe fetish ATM :slight_smile:

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