3d Warehouse - model image


Just a quick one. I haven’t chosen the best views of same of my models on the 3D Warehouse and wondered how you went about just replacing the image with a new one? Is that possible is should I just get a better .skp picture and download the file again?

Any help will be appraciated



Log in to 3dwh and edit the model in question. Just orient the model to display the view you want to see as the thumbnail picture and save it.


That is what I thought but have tried it three times with no effect (once I ended up with a page of what looked to be Chinese/Japanese characters) hence my reason for asking in the first place. Thanks for your reply.



It might help if you post screenshots showing what is happening. Maybe that will provide a clue to a solution.


These should help…

Editing a model in 3D Warehouse — SketchUp Help


That will be difficult as nothing is happening!

I go to this edit the model as per here

click of the ‘Upload a New file’; choose the .skp to replace the old one and nothing else happens, and it now appears that there is no high res image accompanying that file, as can be seen from the Sketchup Logo in the above image, there is however the low res thumbnail on the search pages.

Hope this all makes sense!

Regards Richard