How can I adjust the thumbnail image before I save a component to the warehouse?



I looked at the previous threads on this topic but I still do not understand how to adjust the way the component will appear after I upload it to the Sketchup Warehouse. In general, the component does not appear in the warehouse view. If I click the Zoom Extents button I get the image I would like to see. Thanks in advance, Dan


Can you share a link to the component you’re referring to?

Generally, you should see the model they way it was displayed when you uploaded it to the warehouse.


You can find them in the warehouse if you do a search for Trex Elevations (e.g. Trex Elevations Beam…)



Found them. How did you go about uploading them? I downloaded the first one, hit Zoom Extents and then uploaded it to the Warehouse. The thumbnail looks like this:

Note: I made it private so you don’t need to worry about anyone getting it from me.

I think the easiest way to fix the views is to download, adjust the views, and re-upload them.


I will give that a try. Is that what you typically do when you upload a component?


I don’t upload that many components, myself, but when I do, I make sure it is filling the frame the way I would want others to see it on the Warehouse page.


Dave - Did you create a new Sketchup file and then download the component so that that was the only component in the file and then hit zoom extents and re-upload it?


Well, I only downloaded your component and opened it in SketchUp. I hit Zoom Extents and then I uploaded it to the warehouse.

I did a similar thing here with a door component in a model of a house I made. I set the view thusly:

And the image in the warehouse looks like so: