3D Warehouse Not Responding (in SU2017) Anyone else?

Just updated from Pro 2016. every time I try to download a model from the warehouse I get the “model downloading” dialogue box except model never shows up and if I cancel the download the program then “Not Responding” and forced to close. Not a problem with cookies, browser etc because if I open SUP 2016 everything works fine.

It’s working fine for me with a random model from the Warehouse.

I also cannot even open 3D Warehouse into SU2017 yet I can copy an object from my previous SU and paste it into 2017.

That’s what I’ve been doing too. Anyone have a solution? Wondering if I need to uninstall 2016 but reluctant to if warehouse won’t work in 2017.


November 12

I also cannot even open 3D Warehouse into SU2017 yet I can copy an object from my previous SU and paste it into 2017.

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Don’t delete SU16. It’s a separate installation.

Both a Mac and Windows user are reporting a problem with 3D Warehouse, but each seem a little different. SU17 bundled Chromium into this installation for the first time. So some things are integrated now, unlike past installations which relied on the default OS browsers (Safari and IE, respectively).

Until this is resolved, can @janehumphreys29 and @sultony open a separate browser window, navigate to the 3D Warehouse and download a model that way?

More details may be helpful. Were either of you able to sign in? Screen shots showing where things go wrong are useful.

similar situation for me… have both 2016 and 2017 Pro installed …
Get Models available and working in 2016…
Get Models not even available in menu… replaced by a greyed out Share Component
at this point I have to open 2016 and download model to a separate folder and then access it from import menu in 2017…
at least there is access but not sure whether it is because I have both programs loaded?

In SU17, it’s Window > 3D Warehouse. Or browse the Warehouse through the component browser.

thanks… that certainly is easier… everything working fine now.

thanks. I open in separate browser and that works fine.

I am using a Mac with both SKU 2016 and 2017 installed. 2016 is able to access the 3D Warehouse, but the option to “get Models” is greyed out in 2017. Is the feature to import directly into a model no longer available when using a Mac IOS?

Picture please. On Mac, cmd-ctrl-shift-4 , draw a box around it, and paste into reply; very easy.

Not only is is not greyed out, it’s not there. Share Component… is greyed out.
I answered this in another thread today: Why can't i access components or warehouse it used to be so easy - #22 by Barry

And to close the loop here, the reason File > 3D Warehouse > Share Component is greyed out, is only because you need to have a (single) component pre-selected in the model before being able to share it via that Menu command.

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the 3d warehouse button in the toolbar su2017 just recently stopped working completely. Can still get to it through the components window. upload function works in toolbar, just not download.

It still works for me. I accessed it through the toolbar for this screen shot.

Try clearing caches in IE and elsewhere.

i had recently cleared all caches, maybe will try again…sometimes the additional nudge does it?

I also still have the issue that went unresolved where if in the process of downloading a model from the warehouse and another window is open ( so maybe that’s where it thinks the model should go (e.g. photoshop)) SU then freezes and cannot be shut down in the task bar, i have to invoke the task manager to kill the process. This seems to happen not when multiple windows are open on the same screen, but they could be minimized.

Anyway, I guess I wont be having that issue anymore if the warehouse download button has ceased to work!! :slight_smile:

I’m embarrassed to say that I have now figured out what was wrong. The Wharehouse window was already open and dragged to the very bottom of the screen and was hidden behind the windows task bar. So all this time it was already open, hence the button seemingly not responding !!! Even reopening sketchup seemd to keep it in this spot instead of staring over. Thought I should speak up in case some else has this issue.

I’m glad you got it figured out and were able to report it. As you say, it might help someone else.

Yes, I was surprised that the “open window” state remained after closing and reopening SU and even after an update! it just stayed down there out of sight. The upside of this is that having used the 3D wharehouse from the components window it has proved more useful as it retains the search for going back and getting additional models from that same search, whereas the 3D wharehouse window using the toolbar does not, and a new search has to happen each time…so some good came out of it.