3D Warehouse not loading in app?

Just recently 3D warehouse stopped loading in app for me. It was working fine until about 3 days ago. Now it just loads the search bar (but doesn’t do any actual searches). Anyone experience this before?


DL your models from webbrowser and then import them. Always works. In my skp’s (win and osx) the imports for 3dw and updates for plugins almost always give crashes. Loading them from outside saves time and frustations.

And I believe El Capitan shipped with Safari 9, but now runs Safari 11. Update to SketchUp 2017, which uses Chromium instead of Safari WebKit, or if you must stay with 2016, update OS & Safari to most recent.

I have been importing, since this happened, with no issues. But I was able to do it direct within the app before, which is obviously better. I will check safari (I don’t use it normally). Is there any cost to upgrading to 2017/18 from 2016? I’ll look into that as well, thanks.

I’ve had this happen to me, now, too. I can upload models to it, and check out the related models, model info, etc., but the search still bar does nothing. I’m running Firefox, just upgraded it to FF60 to try and fix it, but to no avail. All I get is the input field for the search, which acts like its inactive, with a blank screen. Tried clearing cache, cookies, checked for most recent version of my gfx driver, restarted SU(2016) and rebooted several times. Also installed Chrome, but that made no difference either. Can’t think of anything that had changed when the problem began. I’m running Win8.1 on a three year-old HP laptop with 4 gig of memory running at 2.1 GHz. Had been using SU2016 since it came out.

Also: 3DW had been acting strangely for about a month or so prior, by hanging up on searches. I was able to close 3dw and restart it, and it would then go straight in and show the search results I had requested before…

Weird, right?

Strange. I had a couple days off from work and now I’m back, and suddenly it’s working properly again. I hadn’t even shut down my workstation, or closed even Sketchup. I hadn’t even gotten to trying the suggestions here, it literally fixed itself. Or someone over there heard me. If so, thanks!

Ok. well, it didn’t last. I hadn’t needed any components for several days, but today, when I loaded 3DW from Sketchup we’re back to the old problem. I checked my Safari and it’s the latest version for the version of macOS I’m running (El Capitan). I understand El Capitan is not the latest macOS but this is a work computer so I am not in control of that. Is there anything else that could cause this? And why is it intermittent? I’d like to point out that all other aspects of Sketchup work fine.

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