3d Warehouse models moving to Remix3d


As part of the Windows 10 Creators Update coming out in a few days, Microsoft has announced that they are partnering with Trimble to bring the Sketchup 3D Warehouse models over to Remix3d.com

I can’t find any more details about this other than that announcement, anything from Trimble?

What does it mean for all those people with Sketchup accounts but no Microsoft Accounts?

Do they automatically get converted to Microsoft accounts, or do they then no longer control their own models once they have been moved/copied to remix3d.com?

I am anticipating good things to come out of this partnership (modelling in Sketchup, painting the model in Paint3d), but the lack of details is frightening.


Paint 3D and WebGL
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@Centaur thanks for the questions. “Moving” to Remix3D would be a misrepresentation of the aspirations behind Microsoft’s announcement. The vision that we’ve been pursuing with Microsoft is for the content that resides in either service (3D Warehouse or Remix3D) to be made available to users of both services. We’re still in the process of working to transform fantasy into reality, so it’s too early to make any forward looking statements about whether or when any of these plans would take effect. I will say that we’re also excited about the possibility of enabling seamless workflows between our apps/services and MSFT apps/services.

To that end, know that we have zero intention of offering up a “copy” of 3D Warehouse to anyone. Anything we do to make 3D Warehouse content available in another service or app would be through API integrations. In other words, any changes you make to your stuff on 3DW would automatically be reflected elsewhere. You wouldn’t have to manage stuff in multiple places. We would also never force something like this on our community, so folks who don’t have an interest in their models being made available in another service would have the ability to opt out.

Happy to try to field any other questions you might have. Am also curious to learn more about how Paint3D has been working for you–and about how you would envision moving projects back and forth between Paint3D & SketchUp?


I have not signed up for the MSFT program and do not have Paint 3D but after going and looking at some of the work done in Paint 3d it does make me wonder if it would be possible for me to open my SketchUp model in Paint 3D (not from the 3D warehouse - just from my skp file) and then use the Paint 3D app to create a “rendered” version of my model with a nice looking background.

What I am thinking about is creating a product warehouse on our website that allows me to show the equipment in a nice looking 3D format on a web page. It seems to me that something like this might be a nice “marriage” (at least as a starting point).



Hi Mike, Thanks for getting back to me.

I haven’t tried Paint3D because I am not on the ‘Windows Insider Program’, do not have a Microsoft Account, and have no intention of getting one.

So would that mean I cannot use Paint3D at all when the Windows 10 Creators Update is released (supposedly next week)? Or does it mean that I only can’t share models on Remix3d?

On the account side of things, I’ve noticed that my old google account that I haven’t used in years, but which was used to link my 3d warehouse account, refused to let me sign in - I remembered my password, but I’ve since moved country, and the login said ‘something was different’ about the way I was signing in, and then asked me what year/month I created the account. It was years ago! The password was correct. In the end it said it couldn’t verify the account belonged to me!!!

So that means I can no longer add/update/remove my 3dwarehouse models. :sob:

I don’t want the same thing to happen if I get a Microsoft Account, especially as it is more integrated into Windows 10.


@nxtdave Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like you’ve got some great ideas.

Just to let you know, if you didn’t already, that you can retrieve an embed code from the model details page for any models you upload to 3D Warehouse. It’s a great way to take SketchUp models you’ve posted to 3DW and embed them on your own site. When users see the models on your site they can navigate the models in 3D and then click through to 3DW to download the SKP file. Greenscreen has a beautiful implementation of this on their web site. Click the ‘view’ link alongside any of the SketchUp models listed on their models page to check it out.


@Centaur I’m not certain about any of this… but AFAIK, I don’t think you’ll need to have a Microsoft Account to use Paint3D once Windows 10 Creators Edition is released to the general public. I do think Remix3D will require users to sign in to upload models (like we do on 3D Warehouse). I’m also not certain about whether MSFT has plans to allow users to download models anonymously (like we do on 3D Warehouse) or whether you’ll have to sign in to download. We’ll have to see what they decide to do once everything is more generally available.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble signing in to your old 3D Warehouse account. @Barry, perhaps you and @Centaur can take this offline via PM to see if there’s anything we can do on our end? If it turns out that your old account is inaccessible, I hope you’ll consider creating a new one, and sharing some new stuff!


Mike, I appreciate your reply but I do not think I made myself clear. I want to present our equipment in a 3D format on a web page but not fave it available for download. The Paint 3D app looks like a good way to add a nice background for the model and a limited amount of rendering but allow the viewer to rotate, pan and zoom the equipment. I guess my bottom line interest was in the product presentation.



I believe that Paint3D will allow you to save a file in gltf format (similar to collada but in json instead of xml and using binary blobs for the vertex info instead of text). This file format is an open standard, and should do what you are asking (rotate, pan, zoom). However, I’m not sure about it’s status, if it is ready yet. i.e. each of the web browser manufacturers would need to support it.

In the meantime, you could do something like my elf here, render each model at different angles and save as a gif file. I know it isn’t a 3d format, but hey, it looks good, right? :smiley:


Things seem to be diverting a bit from the original thread topic… but you were clear. I was just taking the opportunity to encourage you to consider publishing your models to 3DW. :slight_smile:


Understand going off track…

Want to show equipment but not allow competitors to download. :smiley_cat:


So sorry for going off topic.
Back on topic…


I’m particularly interested in this bit here: “Remix 3D will also be integrated with SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse, so users can pull 3D models directly from that platform, as well.”

The way I see that as happening, is one of three possibilities:

  1. Paint 3D directly supports opening .skp files
  2. Paint 3D will download the collada dae file, and simply import that.
  3. 3D Warehouse will offer a .gltf file format for downloading directly into Paint 3D.

Right now if I click on the ‘Remix in Paint 3D’ button in the remix3d.com website, I just get a message “Unknown Protocol Opera was unable to open the link since no application associated with “ms-paint:” protocol was found on your system.”
(I don’t see an option to download, which is sad.)

I’m leaning towards option 3 as being most likely, that the same button will be available on the 3d warehouse for downloading directly into Paint 3D. (whether .gltf or .dae). Am I close?

Also, [quote=“MikeTadros, post:2, topic:42376”]
The vision that we’ve been pursuing with Microsoft is for the content that resides in either service (3D Warehouse or Remix3D) to be made available to users of both services.

Does this mean that we will be able to download a model directly into Sketchup from the remix3d.com website?


Afraid I can’t respond pointedly to those questions, but in general, the things you’re thinking about, are the things we’re thinking about. Like you may have seen in the tech demo they gave last fall (FF to the 23:22 mark), MSFT aspires to build something similar to the SketchUp <-> 3D Warehouse integration that SketchUp users enjoy today. i.e. Some sort of embedded Remix3D experience inside of Paint3D that allows Paint users to pull models right into their projects from Remix. The quote you cited was inspired by a vision to somehow make 3DW content available to Paint users by way of Remix3D.


Would be interesting if I could bring my skp file directly into Paint 3D without having to go through either 3DW or Remix. Very interesting relationship (SketchUp & MSFT).


Agreed! :+1:


OK, I just installed Windows 10 Creators Update (it is available from Microsoft’s website as a download).
The only format Paint3D seems to support is .3mf (for 3D printing), and FBX, which means right now there is no way I can open my sketchup models in Paint3D.

Very disappointing, Microsoft.

So now I need to write a .3mf exporter for sketchup. :frowning:
Fortunately .3mf is a text file, with textures, zipped up and the extension renamed to .3mf, so it should be possible to do so with the ruby API.


SUPro can export to the FBX format, with Make export as DAE and convert with free Adesk FBX Converter to FBX.


Eventually got one of my models into Paint3d after writing my own exporter, but it looks awful. The format does not have an ability to process surface normals, plus it expects only solids suitable for 3D printing.
I had to import it into 3DBuilder first so it could ‘solidify’ everything.

The model came to 30MB, and it wouldn’t upload to remix3d either.

So it seems Paint3D isn’t for 3D modeling after all, only 3D printing, which is a shame because I liked the spray can feature for painting models.


@MikeTadros - what is interesting here is that while the relationship with MSFT is being promoted in all of this, if you click on your link to the Greeenscreen page and then try to click on the ‘view’ link for one of the SketchUp models you get a message that the models cannot be viewed with Edge of IE.

This seems to me to be a conflict of where this whole relationship is trying to go. Hopefully it will all be made more clean in the near future.


Yea, you get our “Whoa there, cowboy…” message there, but did you try them? They all worked for me. We know that has to be fixed, but…


No, I tried them in Edge and got the message. I could view them in Chrome.