3D Warehouse loading error issue today

I’ve been getting a message ‘error loading’ whenever I try to download something from 3D Warehouse just a few hours ago. I also don’t have access to any models I have made and uploaded in 3D Warehouse, so not sure if 3D Warehouse is down or if there is something happening from my end? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Sketchup 2019 is not being given support anymore, you won’t be able to download models from the 3D warehouse inside sketchup, you can do it from the 3D warehouse website though.

I’m using SketchUp 2022. Does that mean I can’t access 3D Warehouse anymore?

I’ve also tried via the website and the same loading issues are occuring.

This is what pops up for everything I search.

I have just visited the warehouse website and it’s working fine for me, there must be a problem with your internet connection or some settings in your web browser that doesn’t allow to get the page loaded. Try to open it from your phone.

It seems that you have access to the 3D warehouse. What models are you trying to find? I could check from my PC if they are in the 3D warehouse

Thank you for checking. It must be a problem from my end then. This has never happened before and was working fine this morning. Very strange. I appreciate your assistance :slight_smile:

I was working on a project last afternoon when there was no problem with 3D Warehouse, and suddenly last afternoon I could not download anymore in 3D Warehouse. All models are empty. i using sketchup pro 2021…What happened to 3D Warehouse?

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Thank you for your response. Issue has been resolved :slight_smile: