Can't connect to 3D warehouse...or so it says


I have been trying to upload several models from the 3D warehouse into my model. I haven’t had any problems before, this is new. The 3D warehouse will load, let me search for a model, but after I click “download”, an error message pops up

No matter which way I access the 3D warehouse (either from File>3D Warehouse>Get Models, or through the components window), I get an error message that says “An error occurred when connecting to 3D Warehouse”.

I AM connected to the internet, my Internet Explorer is up to date (just checked). I am on the latest version of Sketch Up and have restarted my computer. Please help!


Can you give me specific models and your version of SketchUp? As time moves on, we’re trying to render all versions for all models, but some models could have fallen through a version crack, i.e. - you have SketchUp 8, and the model was uploaded in 2013. Our goal would be to have models for all versions that people are still using, but that may not be the case.

Also try it in IE (not in SketchUp) to confirm that works, too, then Insert the model.