3D Warehouse loading problem

Has anyone here experienced this problem, where if I opened 3D Warehouse it’s just the icon spinning and not loading anything. Just happened now as I did not opened Sketch Up in a while. But when I opened warehouse using my browser (Google) it’s working, only inside of SKP it’s not. Using SKP 2021. Thank you.

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Someone else has. Not sure what the solution will be, but you could check here to see if the problem is solved:

I also have the same problem right now about 3d Warehouse keep loading, the weird thing is yesterday was okay but today just keep loading. Does anyone have the solution?

Tried the solution other members suggested but nothing seems to work.

Same here. I tried the solutions that were available in the thread above that was suggested by Sketchup Team colin. But to no avail nothing seems to be working as of the moment.

(I moved the thread to the 3d warehouse category, so that The Guz doesn’t miss it, with the new warehouse launch, he is all hands on deck)


yea I have the same problem

Thank you very much!

I have the same…

Hola, hay respuestas a este problema? Estoy con la misma situación, no me carga el almacen . . ayuda pls

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile shows 2021 “Free Plan” but there is no such version.

sketchup pro 2021

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I believe that the reports are only about 3DW inside SketchUp, and that CEF won’t have any extensions.

But, a router or firewall level could be blocking things. That though should also affect browsers.

Did we yet hear back from anyone who cleared the SketchUp web caches?

Hey there, I had the same problem. After some research, I realized that SketchUp has had a complete 3D Warehouse makeover! Up until tonight, I worked on Sketchup Pro 2021 but I had to update the software to 2023 to get the warehouse to work properly. I can’t wait to start investigating all the new features, from what I read it looks fantastic! I hope this works for you.

As of now my 2021 version’s 3DW is still not working, but it already showed at the startup the new update for 3DW.

Hi, what is the answer to your problem?