3D Warehouse just keeps loading

Colin’s probably not awake yet but the license type doesn’t matter in this case. Install the last version of 2021 and you should be good.

SketchUp has a “current minus two” version policy, which means that they only support the latest version and the two previous ones. This policy has been in place for several years and it applies to all aspects of support, including updates, technical assistance and documentation. For example, SketchUp 2021 will stop receiving support in January 2024, and they will not be able to help you with any issues that may arise with this version.
They also cannot guarantee that SketchUp 2021 will work with 3D Warehouse, as they only support the versions that are compatible with it (currently 2021, 2022 and 2023).

Please note that “not supported” does not mean “not working”. It is possible that SketchUp 2021 will continue to function for a long time, but nobody can predict how changes in other software or hardware may affect it.
The internet and web services are no different - try accessing the current version of the internet on a computer from 2002 and see how different and broken everything will look.

I understand that updating software can be challenging and often frustrating, especially if you have invested a lot of money in it. However, this is the reality of technology.
For instance, I recently discovered that my $900 Apple watch from a few years ago is preventing me from using some features on my $1500 iPhone because it is no longer supported. I have to either upgrade it or stop using it.

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Just jump to this link and download 2021

This will give you the latest version 2021.1 - which has the necessary browser to function and a few new features.
You must have deferred updating when prompted and the 2022 versions and later are now the ones which are newer so it looks like there is nothing for you.

SketchUp Desktop 2021.1 | SketchUp Help

Brace yourself for a little period of adjustment, the buttons you use to hold to activate “copy” for example are now toggles- you tap to activate them and tap again to turn it back again.

There are a whole bunch of improvements including changes to the 3rd party software that helps PDF files be generated and a whole raft of bug fixes.

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Thank you Elmtec-Adam for all of that and for the tips on the slight operational differences. Big thanks to the first responder, legendary DaveR. I always know I’m on my way out of a pickle when I see the bowler hat!

This solved my problem and I can now access the 3D warehouse including my own collection on my PC. Yet to try this on Mac.

My Windows PC 2021 Classic Pro is now showing Version 21.1.332 64-bit.

Just a note to others, if you also have a subscription licence, you may need to uninstall that version first.

Note to the forum creators, there does not seem to be a space to declare owning multiple versions of SketchUp - or multiple operating systems.

Happy to hear it helped.

You should be able to add multiple versions and operating systems. I was able to do that. I think I just typed them in.
Screenshot - 8_12_2023 , 6_42_30 PM

same, please fix

Update your SketchUp 2021 to the last version of 2021. You can get the Windows installer from here:


Uhg same problem. Warehouse is bricked and I can’t update anything without IT changing for everyone in the office. The sketchup of today feels like a worse and more complicated version of what it what 5 years ago…

I don’t know your age, but this is life on the internet: your IT staff does something that very few others seem to do, I wouldn’t blame SketchUp or the internet.

If it were me, I’d ask my IT person to write down exactly what they think is going on, then feed it into chatGPT or StackOverflow and see if the rest of the world agrees. We’re lucky: we have a great IT person who’s always curious and helpful, and we try to help him when we stumble upon answers. Like this one:

Looks more like a commercial “gesture” from trimble than a technical problem…
lets force user to buy an right to use. They succesfully killed Sketchup make with that “technical” evolution

the only moral problem I have with that is that Sketchup great force is user production and especialy the warehouse content.

so maybe there won’t be a class action but maybe some warehouse content removal by frustrated users that filled it during years.


You’re new here, please start by introducing yourself in the introduction topic.

also, pay attention to your profile, there is no free plan 2021. It’s either free plan, online, non commercial, or you’re using pro 2021.

to you. to me it isn’t. it’s its simplicity and its capacity to evolve.

People who rely on the warehouse tend to over estimate it’s importance. it’s filled with million of models, but really, only a small percentage floating on the surface is actually good.

Many here on this forum rely on their modelling skills more than on the community’s.


I will change my profil

A lot of people here use their modeling abilities sure but some might prefer blender I guess.

But for interior architecture and décoration at least in France… the warehouse is the alpha and Omega. And for students it is the base as they say

The problem is that Blender doesn’t have 3D Warehouse…

I would use products more than models then, or Up by OXP, french extension with 15K models, sort of parallel warehouse with an actual seal of quality.

if SU users prefer blender to model stuff, I guess they’re not on this forum but on blender’s then…

you can do a lot with SU, especially in the fields you mention, a lot more than in blender.

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Blender is great but not the best tool for architecture, specially for documentation. It can be used for rendering or modeling assets but it’s not a software that was created for architects, it’s more for the film industry.

I agree with all 3 statement

SketchUp is a great tool for architecture early designs
I just point that the warehouse is a huge boost for SU (just see the second answer) and it’s mainly propelled by… users that are not really rewarded by keeping the access to a thing they greatly contribute to.

The other point is about the fact that it is normal to pay for updates and content : seems legit if SU actually made the updates from…fredo06 Julia eneroth Thomthom etc… etc… :slight_smile:
But what’s really new since SketchUp 8 ?

BTW I think 80% of the solutions here are… “you have that great plugin” . even in the last 3 answers :slight_smile:

Please do. It’s been 3 hours since you wrote that.

It’s unfortunate that those students seem to get instruction on how to grab things from the 3D Warehouse but they are evidently not instructed in how to be discerning about the quality and suitability of the entourage they put into their projects nor are they taught how to manage their projects correctly.

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Sorry for the delay… Done

Yes warehouse is full of garbage (even if I like some of my models :slight_smile: )

Quality is a hard concept for a lot of people to get
When I was a student we had to read
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig

can you help me

Yes, we can…