3D Warehouse just keeps loading

We updated the version with a change that, instead of spinning on load, will now say “3DWarehouse requires Javascript to be enabled.” If you had the spinning / won’t load issue, let us know if that’s still the case, or if you get this Javascript message.


Hi, Barry, I have the spinning/won’t load issue still, do you have any advice? It doesn’t seem to be a problem with my firewall or anti-virus like Dezmo suggested, and I tried cleaning my cache too…

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We found out something important. 3D Warehouse now seems to need at least version 88 of Chromium, which is built into SketchUp. The update to version 88 happened when SketchUp 2021.1 was released. If you are on 2021.0 or 2021.0.1, you would be seeing the problem.

There were two more updates to 2021 after 2021.1, if you’re going to update you may as well go to the latest version of 2021. Here are direct links to the Mac and Windows installers:




Hi Colin
My version on mac says its Version 21.1.331.
Is that the latest?

I use the 2020 version and am getting the spinning wheel aswell

2020 would have the same problem as 2021.0, in that the version of Chromium isn’t recent enough to handle the features in the redesigned 3D Warehouse.

I tried to check your license in case you had a 2021 upgrade you were entitled to. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a license for the email address you use in the forum.

Yes, that is the latest one. It’s slightly confusing in that the version of the release is in the format 2021.1.2, but the about SketchUp dialog shows 2021.1.331, meaning that it was the 331st build of 2021. The 2021.1.2 release notes do show what the build number is:

I’m modeling on SU21. I have tried your latest download link for windows but notes that I have a later version of 2021 already installed. I have the same issue with 3D warehouse logo continually loading unsuccessfully with my current version.

Have you tried any other version as a trial? Like, 2022 or 2023 for example? There is a problem in the 2021 installer, where it won’t let you install if 2022 or 2023 is installed. Only work around is to uninstall those later versions, then run the 2021 installer.

I had downloaded 2023 to gain access to the warehouse. Uninstalled 2023, installed your download for 2021 and 3D warehouse is operational. Thank you!

Sketchup 2020 isn’t supported anymore, the only way to download models or plug-ins is by the website of the extension and 3D warehouses.

@colin , @TheGuz Is the above true? I don’t understand why Trimble is putting itself at risk of a class action lawsuit by limiting the functionality of the program. This violates the terms of sale where every Sketchup user was guaranteed access to 3D Warehouse from within the program. Now these icons don’t work and according to the above they will never work. Even the information on your pages confirms what I write:

Access to Warehouse from any version of Sketchup is probably unambiguous. Well, maybe not for Trimble. If something worked and now it doesn’t work because of Trible, it means that they want to force users to change classic licenses to subscription. This is the only reason for the changes that have taken place, But as they say, every stick has two ends. If you’re denying people access to Warehouse to download, they can’t publish either. So I will ask again, are you actually limiting the functionality of the software permanently?

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You can download from Warehouse. What we can’t take responsibility for is having you fire up old browser technology that hasn’t been updated for modern viruses and attacks. Hopefully you’re doing that on your own machine, and are free to use 3D Warehouse.

We don’t want to go back to the origin of 3D Warehouse in the mid-2000’s and save versions of skp6 files on our servers, so we do limit to 3 versions. There would be ways to fix this: generate a version on demand and only keep the current release version, but you wouldn’t have an instant download. There’d be costs for doing it that way, and we’d have to have an abuse system because someone would try to abuse 1’s and 2’s and try to do millions.

Lastly, you can download Collada and insert. I’m sorry if none of these will meet your satisfaction, but there are ways of getting models for older versions. Nothing’s free. We worked for Google for 6 years, and while many of their apps appear free, they are not. Someone pays in the end. If it was free, their market cap would not be $1.66 Trillion today.

Barry, I didn’t ask for warehouse file versions.
Can you answer simply (yes/no) to these questions:
Does your material say that every version of Sketchup gives access to Warehaus?
Was access before the changes possible from the program level?
Is access still available for all versions after the changes?
Have some of Sketchup’s features been limited by the changes?

You have a 2021 license, that should be still working with 3D Warehouse. Are you testing on a machine that still has 2020?

For what it’s worth, we have to modify our web pages for security related reasons. The browser built into SketchUp 2020 has security issues, that at this point we can’t work around.

Every version comes with access to 3D Warehouse. We also used to come with Google Street View and Google Maps, but we had to give those up. Other features have come and gone.

As Colin says, if you’re on 2021, we’ll work with you to fix it. If you’re on 2020 or older, you can use an updated browser and still use 3D Warehouse. PM me if you want to discuss further.


What are you talking about? The fact that I have the 2021 version does not mean that:
1 want to use it
2. I can use it (e.g. extension compatibility)
3. in a year it will still work

Who will guarantee that in two years Trimble will not announce that due to the “modern” viruses it will not be possible to log in to the license servers of the old classic versions for security reasons. So it will say: sorry Winethou you can’t login, you can’t use. What you can see here:

and here:

The fact that your program has holes in the security system does not mean that you can limit its functionality and break the terms of sale! You are responsible for errors in the program and you are to fix it without limiting the functionality. And you can put a fairy tale about safety among other fairy tales. It is known what it is. You want to force users of the classic versions to switch to a subscription this way

Of course, no one is willing to answer my questions?

Thanks Colin, Does this apply to Classic? My 2021 Pro Classic tells me it is version 21.0.339. It also suddenly can’t’ seem to access the warehouse. Updating form the program menu just takes me to a 2023 subscription plan.