3D Warehouse is blank


I’ve been having this problem on and off. I open 3D warehouse in SketchUp 2015 Pro and all is well. I’ll do a couple of searches and then the window will go blank. The only way to get any content back is to close SketchUp and open it again.
I’m on Windows 7.

Problem with 3D Warehouse

Does this happen too if you search within a webbrowser?


No, it’s only happened with SketchUp so far.


Probably PC: check IE version. Things to clear: IE cache (32 bit IE), cookiejar.xml session.dat in ~/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/, type control-l in the window and go to a site like http://www.isjavascriptenabled.com/ and see if javascript somehow got enabled (it does via some security check intermittently on some networks - we haven’t determined the cause yet), etc…


Hi Barry.
I’ve done all that except disabling Javascript - is that really a good
idea? Will it not adversely affect other programs?
The problem remains. After one search the window is blank again.


Check if it’s enabled (or got disabled)?


Javascript is enabled.


Yes, DON’T disable. We think it GETS disabled sometimes by the security on certain networks… e.g. I’ve seen it happen on school district networks.