Problem with 3D Warehouse

Hello, I have problems loading time with “3D Warehouse”. Often it goes blank and does not load any model, either out the main page.

I thought it was a problem with Internet Explorer, but I changed my PC and comes with Windows 10 and the problem is the same.

Over time, the “3D Warehouse” window displays: Navigation to the webpage was canceled - Refresh the page

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Search these threads:

And see if any tips in there help you. It’s not that way for most people, and so I can’t give you an exact, one solution answer.

I experience the same problem. I click the bottom GET MODEL in SU2015 Pro and the 3D warehouse windows open. But 3 out of 5 times I get an blank window. 1 out of five times I get the the front page of 3D warehouse, but an error message that it can not connect to server. 1 out of 5 times I have noe problems. And when i say “times” we talk just minutes appart.
I have internetconnection (25Mb down) and no problems with others programs that use internett. I have allowed SU2012 Pro acces through my firewall, and I have set internet security to medium (lowest level).

Very often I run two sessions of SU, one that I work in, and one that I use for downloading models from 3dW.
Right now when I write this topic, I can access 3dW in one session but not the other. But sometimes I can acces in both, sometimes not in any. Any surgestions?

1 out of 5 times I get to the front page of 3dW but get an error message

"Navigation to the webpage was canceled

What you can try:
Refresh the page."

same happen to me!..:cry:

Did you read the threads I posted earlier? You’ve clearly got some security settings issues on your machine.

I am using version 2016 Pro. I am having the same problem just a blank screen. Not even saying that I have lost a connection or that there has been an error. Just nothing. I have trouble shot everything suggested as far as security settings. The Extension warehouse comes up fine. Please help!!

Type Control-L, and see if you can get to other sites. Try logging in to your gmail:

  1. Open 3dwarehouse
  2. Type Control-L
  3. Type and login. Can you read email?
  4. now type Control-L and Can you see it?
  5. Try other sites that use https. One difference in EW & 3DW is that if you go to http://3dwarehouse it’ll flip you to https://3dwarehouse. will stay on http and not flip you to https.