3D Warehouse connection issue

Hello everyone!
I just got an issue with my sketchup up 2018 version that didn`t occured till today.
When I try to connect to Sketchup 3D Warehouse I get this message The 3D Warehouse requires an internet connection.Please connect and try again. , I am connected to the interenet and i also tried to export a model to 3d warehouse and it connects without any issues. How I can fix this?
Thank you so much, please help!

See if this helps you:

Hi Mihai!
I did everything and nothing seems to be working!

Hi Oliviu!

If until now you could access 3D warehouse, what has changed in the meantime in your computer? Windows update, antivirus update
From what I found in the search, you need to make sure that the specified ports are not blocked in any way.


I have the exact same issue.

I opened Fiddler 4 to see if there are any networks error when I try to open the warehouse from Sketchup, but when I have Fiddler open, the warehouse also opens!