3d Text tool

im new to sketch-up but i’ve started on this new project, however when i go to download something from the workshop it does not appear on my cursor, this does the same for the 3D- Text tool, However when i open a new workspace it works perfectly fine, please help the deadline is very soon.

My guess would be that your project it so large that whatever is being brought in is so small in comparison that you can’t see it.
Check the size of objects in your model.

ill double check however as you see here the box appears however i cannot physically see the text

Can you attach your model.

Fish and chip shop.skp (1.3 MB)

As I guessed, the facade of your shop is 261455’ 5 3/16" tall.


so it should work fine if i scale it down?

omg it worked, LEGEND!

It’s one of the reasons there is a default scale figure in many templates, the little person figure helps you keep track of how big things are.


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