3D Text not working (no Place 3D Text dialog)



When I click on 3D text tool, I can still move my cursor but there is no text input marker or place for text and when I click on the screen I get an error sound. Nothing works, I can’t click on another command or I get the error sound again. I have to hit esc to get out of this.

Anyone have a fix?


When you select the 3D Text tool it launches the Place 3D Text dialog.
It seems the dialog has wandered off-screen.

Try this (windows only) trick…
Select the 3D Text tool > Alt + Spacebar > M > Arrow Key (any arrow key will do)
Now move the mouse about and you should see the dialog attached to the cursor.


Definitely the problem is the missing window. I tried your tools but they didn’t work. I’ve been working with dual screens, I went back to single screen and found it and moved it to a place that now it comes up on the dual screen. Thanks for you help. Problem solved.



Honestly, this just made my day, thank you!