3D text tool in updated version

I just updated, and now I am running version 23.1.340.

Previously, when I open the 3D text tool, I could just start typing. Now, I have to first erase “Enter text.”

Also previously, I could type and then hit “tab” then “enter” in order to activate the “Place” button. Otherwise I have to move my mouse and click “Place”

This feels like a very fussy complaint, and I do see the value in being able to use the “tab” and “enter” keys within the text box… but it feels like a downgrade no longer being able to use my keyboard to quickly get what I need.


Is there any way I can open the 3D text tool and then use another key(s) to place that text, instead of having to move my mouse to “Place”?

O1: Click any other field but text editor, then hen hit “tab” as many times is needed then “enter” in order to activate the “Place” button.

O2: Use earlier version of Sketchup.

O3: Wait for the developers to bring back the usuals behaviour and use that version.

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Thank you for your reply. I’m having trouble understanding Option 1 here. When I tried to click outside of the text editor it made a sound that sounded like an error sound, and nothing different happened.


the “text editor field” is inside an orange rectangle
the “any other field”-s are is inside an green rectangles
You still need to click inside Place 3D Text window.

This is not the solution… just an answer to your second post. :blush:
So, this is the other way - beside click on Place - to steal the focus from text editor field, to be able to use Tab for select other field in 3D Text Tool in SU2023.