3D text locks up SU

I use both 2021 and 2022 Pro on a PC. I am trying to use 3D text but the program locks up and I have to use control-alt-delete to exit. I read prior community comments that said the solution was using Windows/Preferences/Options to reset to dialog box. But the program also locks up as soon as I try that. Help please.

This is only occurring in 2021 Pro. 2022 works fine.

There is a general Windows problem where a window may get positioned off screen. You can tell if that might be what is going on by pressing ESC. If doing that gets SketchUp going again, the 3D Text dialog was offscreen somewhere.

The same might be happening for Model Info and other dialogs. If it seems to be that problem, choose 3D Text, then type Alt-spacebar, M (for Move, use a different letter for non-English systems), then any arrow key. After doing that, move the cursor around and the dialog should be attached. Left-click when you’re ready to drop off the dialog.


ESC unfreezes things but I am unable to restore the 3D text dialogue box. I can’t find it. BTW, I have dual monitors. ALT-SPACE makes a small dialogue box pop-up but it’s not the 3D text dialogue box.

follow the full instructions in Colins sequence.

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