Dialog Boxes Freezing

Hey there SU Family,

Having some issues with Dialog Boxes in SU Web not closing. I have looked through the forums to make sure I am not creating a repeat issue but can’t find anything that is similar to my problem. I am using a work computer so I do not have much access to change settings. I am using Chrome and it has worked for me in the past. When I create a new project of even open an existing one, anytime I make a change or do anything that requires a Dialog box to come up I can make my edits but once I click OK the dialog box just freezes and does close and I cannot continue to work. I am going to try to attach a video of my issues. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.

Your profile says you have SketchUp pro 2022, yet your video shows you are using the (free?) web version. Is it the latest update of the online version that you are using? Otherwise things can go wrong.
Is it:

(just guessing, a shot in the dark)

I have Pro at home and have no issues. I like to mess around on my projects while I have some down time at work. My work computer is the one i am using Web free version on. Everything looks the same as your screenshot.

Saving the component to the companie’s network? Is this network the culprit?

I haven’t saved anything to their network. I haven’t even been able to work with SU Web since I discovered this issue. The weird thing is that creating components and groups or anything with a dialog box as worked about 2 months ago. My only thought is that the settings have changed, keeping me from using the web program as designed.

The yellow warning message at the top of your screen at the beginning of your vid suggests that sketchup is already having issues running in your browser. Make sure the browser is up to date, or try a different one.

I can not reproduce the issue. Can you please share your computer specs? CPU/Graphics card/Memory?
Is the browser up to date?
Do you have multiple tabs open?

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