SU 15 Closes Upon Opening

I’m having issues with the recently downloaded SU make 15.

I was having this issue (Cannot open 2015 in "Make" mode - #70 by Poetzing) but have since resolved it.

Now my problem is that when I open SU, the program loads, I can see the SU screen and axis lines, the help dialogue box appears on the right, and then it suddenly closes???

Here’s some more information that may be helpful (I don’t know a lot about computers…)

Windows 7
SU Make 15 32 bit
I didn’t install any plugins.

Anyone have a similar experience???

Downloading and installing the latest driver for your graphics card might help.


I just updated my graphic driver…SU 15 still closing upon opening. I had been using SU 14 without fail. Anyone else have ideas or have a similar problem?