3D Text is slowing down my model. How come? What can I do to fix?

I’m building a model consisting of three files: site, buildings and text. The text file consists of 3D text (helveticacondenced w/ materials applied) which will be applied to the buildings as a design element. I made the text before realizing that 3D text, on it’s own, can create large files. My text file is 162MB on it’s own! (It’s a lot of text which will be applied to quite a few buildings.). The site file is about 50MB and the buildings are 30MB. These are working fine and even the text file works on it’s own. I can’t seem to bring the text into the building file (as an import) without it drasically slowing down. Is there a workaround given this situation? (i.e. is there a way to compress or shrink the text file, etc…) I’ve run Cleanup on all the files and so they should be as lean as is possible with that app. BTW I have a Nvidia Quadro k1000M graphics card and 8GB RAM. Thanks.

did you ‘Purge’ the file after cleanup?


I can’t be sure. I thought by running cleanup it would purge all unused components etc…Is there another “purge” to do? If so how do I do that? Thanks for your help.


Thanks for that tip which will help with any big model. I’m also trying to understand what causes the 3D text to generate such a large file size. GS

Probably the large quantity of geometry in the text. Look at Window>Model Info>Statistics to see what is contributing to the file size. You can click Purge Unused there, too.

Keep in mind that 3D text is generated as component entities. If you create text entities and then delete them, they still remain in the In Model components collection unless you purge the unused components.

If the text is signage text on buildings I’d suggest using textures instead.


Thanks for the tip!