"3D Text Editor" extension from ThomThom

Has anyone using ThomThom’s “3d Text Editor” experienced the dialogue box going missing? (feels like when other dialogues go missing in sketchup due to multiple monitors and such…)

I’ve tried resetting workspace, uninstalling/reinstalling plugin, unplugging monitors, etc…

I really like this plugin and hate to lose it since it provides a much needed and neglected feature by SketchUp!

I haven’t had any issues with that. What version of SketchUp are you using? Are you really still using Windows 7? What graphics card?

Windows 10 Enterprise.

Can’t tell on the video card, but it’s just the built in intel graphics processor in the laptop. It’s a work computer and they have us locked out of Device Manger…

The plugin has worked fine for the last few years, really enjoyed it.

|Edition|Windows 10 Enterprise|
|Installed on|‎5/‎28/‎2021|
|OS build|19044.2364|
|Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0|

|Processor|Intel(R) Core™ i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz|
|Installed RAM|16.0 GB (15.3 GB usable)|
|Device ID|71B46515-D125-4B3D-855F-94170BFBD005|
|Product ID|00329-00000-00003-AA387|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|
|Pen and touch|No pen or touch input is available for this display|

What version of SKetchUp? Please update your forum profile.

I haven’t had any issues with the extension even in SketchUp 2022.

How did you install it? By using the Extension Warehouse UI in SketchUp? Or did you copy it from an earlier install?

You could try deleting the Private Preferences .json file in AppData/Local/SketchUp… then restart SketchUp.

Have you tried this, I tested it with Thomthom’s extension and it certainly grabs the dialog.

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DaveR, Thank you for your help and response! Much appreciated.

updated profile…

SketchUp Pro 2022

Installed it through the extension warehouse along with the support library.

Ended up uninstalling Sketchup, removing all the support files and directories I could find and re-installing. It works now.

I have Dell monitors and an HP laptop with Docking Station. SketchUp really doesn’t like it. Early this week my tray area became unresponsive after a Display Manager update from Dell . I could see it, just couldn’t select anything in it. Eventually was shown a thread where the solution was to go into “toolbars” and turn of “tool tips”… Only lost 2 days work with that issue. Not sure how anyone figured that one out! Thank goodness they did and shared.

We use a variety of graphic programs here at work, but SketchUp is the only that gives us a lot of trouble and keeps us on our toes trying to keep all the users running…

Box, thanks for the reply. Oh yes that was the first thing I tried as I am VERY familiar with that ever lasting bug in SketchUp. I probably help at least a couple people a week with it here at work.

There is actually an easier way to fix it now… If you got to Window>Preferences>Workspace, there is a “Reset Workspace” button that will find lost dialogue boxes (most of the time) and recenter their coordinates.


You didn’t mention that in your original post.
That fix has been around forever but doesn’t work with all dialogs. And definitely doesn’t work if Preferences is the dialog that is missing.
This ‘Bug’ is not limited to sketchup, it is a windows issue that shows up in a variety of programs, I first learnt it using CorelDraw.