3D printer adds plane

Hi guys, these are my first tests using a 3D printer, so I have no idea what’s wrong…
Here my sketchup model:base_test_1a_mirrored.skp (625.2 KB)
I export in STL format:

I open my STL file using DoraWare-P (provoded with 3D printer), I generate G-code, then i save file into WTK format (to be read from 3D printer)

There should be empty space withing ring, but this is the result:

Any ideas?

There were a number of things wrong with your model. One of your threads was a solid and the other was not. I made the “good” one a component and rotated a copy 180 degrees. The cylinder part I cleaned up and re-created some of the walls. Overall, there were a number of edges and construction points that needed to be deleted. I left the model as three separate groups (or components) instead of nesting them. The 3D printer software will usually be happy with multiple top-level (i.e., non-nested) shells (SketchUp groups or components).

Slic3r seems to like it:

Try this and see how it looks: base_test_1a_mirrored_jh.skp (573.5 KB)

Mmh… I’m trying a simpler design: adding to cylinder/pipe (diameter 27mm, width 2mm) threads.
When I add threads to cylinder I leave it as 2 separate objects (1th = cylinder, 2th = threads couple), do you mean this?
I deleted construction points, I got same result.

When I create threads, I draw helix, then I create a “spring” using circular section and “follow-me” along helix.
Then I select thread, copy and paste on place, then rotate, then I create group.
Is this correct?

Did you try printing the model I corrected for you? If you can be a little more specific about the actual tube/part you’re wanting, I can probably help you figure out how to make it. “adding to cylinder/pipe (diameter 27mm, width 2mm) threads” leaves a lot of room for interpretation …

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