Problem with model



I have made a small corner with M8 threads in it.
When I export it as STL and upload it to shapeways, I can’t get the holes to be visible. Where the holes is the preview only shows solid surface. But when I upload without threads it shows as it should. Now I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong and I would be very glad if someone could help me. I have also verified it in Meshlab that it opens and looks ok. But I’m not really familiar with Meshlab yet so… I have run Cleanup on it before export to STL but it’s the same issue.
Attaching both STL and SKP. Btw, when modelling I scaled up first 10x and scaled down.
CornerM8.skp (777.8 KB) CornerM8.stl (2.7 MB)


Your SKP is not a ‘solid’.
Run Solid-Inspector on it to see the issues [Xray mode and section-cuts help both seeing and fixing issues].

There are several internal [sur]faces
You need to remove the problem geometry…
You also have some ‘tiny’ issues, try temporarily scaling up x100.
Solid-Inspector will highlight the problem areas for you, although it can’t fix them…

After it reports as a ‘solid’ in Entity Info, the STL should export and print OK…



Ok, thank you. Now I learned another way how to use solidinspector more properly! Is there any quick fix or only hard manual work?

#4 (276.5 KB)

It’s not so hard. You can use xray mode in combination with SolidInspector (use tabulator to jump to the next error) to find and repair the issues…


Oh, that was very nice. How did you clean up the model so fast? I would really appreciate if you could take time and explain that so I learn something new for the future.
I must say I’m really impressed how many talented people it’s here that make time for writing and aiding newbies in need! Thanks!