3D models of Children (Playing)

Hi Everyone,

I am a Playground Designer and am finding very challenging finding components/3d models of children. I am wanting to find a bundle of children who are in various playful positions, (either free or not too pricey). I am wanting to find models of children with ethnic diversity, various abilities and ages.
Please can anyone point me in the right direction please? Questions and advice all welcome. Thank you!


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You could trace pictures on the web to make your own?

After a brief search on :duck::duck::

I traced a picture of my face to make my sketchy forum avatar! Save them as components, then open them in later projects.

You could also bring the images I just referenced into your model and cut them out there.

What does ‘not to pricey’ mean for you specifically? As you know, and seems like you’ve already discovered…it’s really hard to find all the things you’re asking for at no/little cost. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for. If you tell us your budget someone here may be able to point you in the right direction.

Also what rendering extension/program are you using?

I wonder if FormFonts would have at least a portion of what you need. Their offerings are relatively low polygon and carefully crafted.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your reply, yes of course, I have found it really difficult to find many children, let alone a variety. To answer your questions, I would say that not too pricey for us would be no more then £1,000. And we are using Vray and Chaos/cosmos.
Thanks again

Thanks Anssi there are some good options on FormFonts

Hi, I use https://secure.axyz-design.com models.
Huge range, not cheap but highly realistic. You can select ethnicity, gender, age etc.

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