Looking for Swimwear People 3D Models

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I have been trying to find a library of quality 3d models of adults and children in swimwear. We design lots of parks, pools, splashpads, and other aquatic recreation projects. I have searched high and low for quality models that are usable in sketchup and Lumion. I’ve searched most of the mainstream 3D model sites. We are more than willing to pay for the library we need. Any suggestions?


I found a couple in 3D Warehouse, but not lots of them. Sounds like you’ll need more than what I found. Also, different sources might look different - not necessarily bad, just not consistent with each other.

Hey RTCool. Thanks for the reply. I have searched heavily through 3d warehouse as well as other platforms. I have accumulated 4 models from turbosquid that are usable for pools, but not for splashpads where children need to be standing in bathing suits. Clients are getting tired of having people with clothes on inside of their splashpad designs haha!

I can not seem to find anymore and I’ve spent a few hours looking. I’ve tried many different key work searches as well. Do you happen to have a link to the ones you found?

I wish there was like a mega pack out there somewhere that has all aquatic people scenarios covered.

How about

Try the cgtrader.com web site and search for swim or swimming. Not free but looks like several options.

If you are willing to put in a little bit of work you could use a nifty little program called Makehuman it is free and quite easy to use. Once you get a hang of it you can generate your own human characters, there is a selection of clothing, posses and expressions you can assign to your character, also their community blog offers additional assets that you can download to suppliment that selection. Once done Makehuman exports to a DAE file format easily imported to Sketchup where you will need to group, clean and texture the geometry. Fair warning though it is very addictive and can easily distract you from paid work especially if you start creating bikini clad characters. Good luck and enjoy.

There are a bunch of adults in bathing clothes - I tend to find searching Google images will yield you a better set of results than browsing the websites.

3D pool people
3D beach people
3D swim people


I’m not wanting to appear on any databases anywhere, so I’m not expanding my search more than that :joy:

As these models are often made from scans now - this might be why there isn’t much choice

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