Looking for human 3D models for gymnastic exercices


do anyone know where to get such human models (see attachment) in 3D to illustrate different gymnastic exercices?

We manufact gymnastic fitness equipment and plan to design all of our products in 3D incl. human models.
Any advice is highly appriciated.


Hello not sure if this is what you need or will help you. It is a older tutorial but the info is on how to MAKE face me components. Once placed, they rotate to maintain a straight on view. It starts off in the first 1:30 seconds and goes quickly so it is not like watching a whole video. It may prompt an idea to make them and store in a library… It may be worth a peek…Peace…


thank you but I am looking for a perfect looking 3D humans in different positions as shown in my screenshots.
Any more ideas folks?


This is brilliant I have subscribed to these online postings
I will now pick some people out of my photos
and make some of my own little people even maybe a SketchUP fashion show :slight_smile:
Have you given me some advise long time ago?
Your forum name seems familiar, can’t really recall.
Have a great week ahead …
Thank you very much…


You can try “123d Catch” it’s autodesk product that makes a 3d model based on dozens of photos taken of an object from every angle. So if you know someone who can hold a flag pole position for 20min, you can take their photo from every angle, and 123d will do a bunch of auto-calculation and give you a 3d model :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried it with smaller objects on my desk, not great quality, but at least it’s in 3d.
You’ll also need to convert their file format.


How to design gear to transfer vertical power to horizontal power

Yep, that was me. Glad that the provided info was a help or sparked a few and new ideas. I am still learning and one of the rewards. Is to be able to share some info that will help someone else progress. Not that it makes me feel smarter but if I search 5 things to find my answer. I dont feel the other 4 where a waste of time. More like something that will come in handy, be useful for a later day and/or to someone else. Glad it helped you out. Stay with!! and …Peace…


Did you find what you want? In addition, a couple of folks make these on 3dwarehouse:

AXYZ design - https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/by/axyzdesign



Those models are amazing, but it does show up one feature it would be nice to have. For the models to look nice you need to turn off edges and profiles, which might make working on other models harder. Having a per-model way to hide those would be useful.


You can turn them off globally in the active style for a model. Probably you meant for individual components/groups/surfaces?


Yes, it can be confusing. I imported a Collada model into my scene, and still think of it as a complete model. It doesn’t suddenly become just some geometry in the larger model, at least not in my mind. Arbitrary selecting of geometry and selecting Hide Edges might be nice, but a compromise would be to do it at the component or group level.


If you edit the component you can shift/erase to hide the individual lines/outlines of specific geometry.


I use Makehuman for character creation & Blender for posing, then import the 3D people into SketchUp for placement in my scene. It’s hard to learn Blender, but it should be easier if you focus on only learning the posing. It’s really as simple as clicking and rotating bones.


A free option would also be to use DAZ studio 3D. You can import their figures and pose them fairly easily, their recent GUI is easy, after that they can be exported as OBj into sketchup with texture maps.