3D People Rainy scene

Hello, I am so close to finish my model, but i need 3D model people for rainy scene (for example with umbrella) can anyone help me? how can i get them?

Look in the 3D Warehouse.

First search.
Screenshot - 4_7_2021 , 12_43_48 PM

It’s a mixed bag on the 3D warehouse, many of them are poorly made or very high poly count / textured. But advanced search can help you find some results, and the price is right. You can always add an umbrella.


There are also lots of repositories for 3D people online, both free and paid.

DaveR Thanks, but i am looking for 3D models

endlessfix i checked all collections for 3D People but no, there is no any same model with umbrella in 3Dwarehouse ((

I told you that was the first thing I came across with a simple search.

You could make your own. Enjoy your hobby and do it yourself.

Yes, but there are people, and there are umbrellas…

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not good way… if you will check there is only one model human with hand up. i create more detailed models and it is not good way to use same model in my job. Thank you again. )