I made a SketchUp "Game" made with Dynamic Components

I finished this about two months ago. I’m just getting a chance now to share it with the community.

My SketchUp Dynamic Component board game style “Game”.
A point and click interactive model.

I wanted to work on my modeling skills and learn Dynamic Components.
So, using SketchUp Pro 2020, I created models of three real world buildings with models of game tokens from several real world board games, mixed with a little scifi references and placed them into a board game styled like an island, themed to SketchUp and Dynamic Components. Viola.


This link is to a video walk through of the game environment/island. Rendered in TwinMotion (which I’m still learning). Music starts after the titles. This is 2 minutes long.

This link is to a video screen capture of the “game” being played. This is just shy of 7 minutes long.