Needed: Tips for a game dev using SketchUp!

Hello people, I was wondering if there are any game devs out there who’d be up for joining this conversation, to talk about using SketchUp to make 3D assets!
I’m learning and could do with some good old tips if anyone’s up for that?! :smile:

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Yes. I used 3DS Max several years ago, and I recently found Sketchup and got back into modelling. I plan on using it for game design. If you find any video tutorials on advanced modeling I’d really really REALLY love to know about it!!!

I recently made a small extension to allow SketchUp users to export FBX assets for Cities Skylines:

Interesting conversation on the forum on working with SketchUp to make assets for that particular game.

You might also want to follow this guy on Twitter:

And these guys:

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Hi @thomthom,

Just installed your City Skylines tool and immediately getting this error on both fbx and dae export ? any ideas? installed from SU extensions store…

a simple 16x16x3m test box