3D Children models for a playground


Hello SketchUp users,

I am working now on the development of children play and park furnitures. I am doing this for the moment with SketchUp 2015 and the trial version of LumenRT. Unfortunately there is only ONE animated child in the LumenRt library!
I would be interested to find a bundle of 3D playing babies, children and teeners with mothers, grannies and fathers. I think this children bundle would also interest many designers and architects.
I could only find 8 or 9 children and teeners’ characters on the 3D Warehouse, some of them with technical problems, not enough to animate a full playground!
Where can I find those young characters? How can I create them myself?
Do you have any advises to give me?
Feel free to ask me questions if needed.

Best regards,


Here’s a list of places to look for the models you need.
SketchUp Sage > Resources > Component Sites


Hello Geo,

I thank you for this huge number of interesting links!
I guess you are also a SketchUp user and fan.
In which fields precisely?

Best regards,
Brussels - Belgium