Sktechup for a 6 year old?


Hi, my 6 year old loves Sketchup. She likes it even more than Minecraft (which is weird). Only difficulty is she can’t read all of the text options/commands. Is there a version of Sketchup currently (or planned) that can be used by kids? Also any kid workshops or anything similar she could join?


Well, I am 60 and I love SketchUp too, even if some “serious CAD wizards” still seem to regard it as a toy for children.

I wonder if you have explored what is available in the Window menu>Toolbars section. The toolbars visible by default show only a selection of the available tools, and most of what is in the dropdown menus can also be accessed via icons in the many toolbars. For myself, I don’t use any of the basic toolbars (standard or large tool set…)but have most of the others on my screen.



The only time you ever actually read what a button does is when you are learning the program. The whole point of icons is that they represent what happens when you click on it. I’m sure that after they are shown what something does a couple of times then they will know it.

The only “clickable buttons” missing from my regular workflow are “group”, “make component” and “explode” - but I use short-cut keys for them. (Unless I am missing a toolbar somewhere?)

I think that any version of SU should be usable by kids - it’s intuitive.