Web based version is an absolute dumpster-fire & I give up

I know programmers can’t plan for every possible event but holy ■■■■ how hard is it to create a menu? Last time I used Sketchup was like 7 years ago when it was still a download and it was simple to use. I’ve wasted ■■■■ near a f-ing hour trying to figure out how to import an existing component and not a single tutorial is for the web-based version. I have used nearly every CAD package in existence over the last 20 years and this is by far the saddest implementation of a free/lite CAD package I’ve ever used.

What a steaming pile of garbage. Sad too, because the first few years it was out it was a great little application that just about anyone with previous CAD experience could use.

You can still download the desktop version with the conventional UI https://www.sketchup.com/download/all.

In case you still need to know how to do that, either drag a SKP file from your desktop straight onto the scene in the browser window, or click the folder icon and choose Insert.


Yeah, menus are too buried to suit me. Just put a menu up there…something conventional. I shouldn’t have to use a list of keyboard shortcuts.

You can use a desktop client version if you want.

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