Free Models for Sketchup
Free download models for Sketchup, copy url paste in component Sketchup

Interesting way to promote your models and materials.

Why do all of your components include an edge around each element?

That’s interesting. Thanks! I only seem to get some materials (in a component) in the component window. No models.
Oh I see if I click on a model on the website then paste in the Component window search. The model comes in.

But the materials seem to come in all at once if I paste your URL

Huh. Rockit3d? Every animal or plant I tried was 2D, and surrounded by a wireframe. The cars are 3d but are untextured blob shapes. I guess the skins are separate, why? I see some 3D furniture under the “geometry” heading. I suspect all this might be relevant to the Rockit3d proprietary online render engine, but they seem a bit useless as generic SketchUP assets. If I need a 2D chicken with extra edges, I know where to go. I like the wireframe arrow, it’s good to have a precise chicken direction indicator.

I think that arrow means the chicken will walk? Whether or not it’s head cocks back and forth might be seen in the online version?

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This proxy, for render

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these are not my models, I just wanted to share

Is there any information about the license? Terms of use?

Does that mean that they’re of limited use as they’re really meant as proxies for that online rendering site?

there are no licenses on CIS sites, download what you want and how you want

certain models are given on the site for free, and they are proxies, it’s not all over