3D models for SketchUp



Hey guys any suggestion on where i can get a variety of 3d models that arent in the warehouse?


Is there something specific you’re looking for?


Yes a 40x40 tent , table the skirting and cocktail table with bow.


The tent and table wouldn’t be that difficult to draw yourself. The skirting on the table with the bow would take a little bit more. For something as specific as that skirting and bow you’ll likely need to hire it done if you aren’t doing it yourself.

You might check out Form Fonts and see what they have to offer.


“Hire it done if im doing it myself” im not sure what that line means


If you aren’t doing it yourself.


This may be on the right lines, though it’s just 3ds max or Vray. They claim to have a free format converter tool:


The same model is available for free in other places, but no sign of conversion tools.