Needing 3D Groom

I’ve searched and searched 3d Warehouse for a 3D file of a groom for wedding, but haven’t found anything usable?..I’ve searched groom, tuxedo, suit, etc. the one’s that were ‘close’, they wouldn’t convert over to my Softplan software, their faces become discolored or they don’t convert…Advice or have a groom?

If you can’t 2D comp one in to your images then you can see if they have one on Adobe Fuse or maybe have to buy one, depends on the quality level you need.

“2D comp one” I wonder how that works?

@liamk887 was saying a ‘2D Component’…or a FaceMe component that follows the camera. See example I made from PNG found online…or do you need 3D?

Groom.skp (582.8 KB)

Gotcha…I’ve seen them and wondered how they operated, looking for 3d

No I mean just post process somebody in afterwards, this little guy is just done in Photoshop for example.

Unless you are animating you don’t always need 3D people, depends on the scene.

@dbwhitted to add I usually find my cutout people on Adobe Stock


I can get you one in 3D if you really need one, PM me for link, too big to post here.
If you know how and have Maya, I can give you the rigged model so you can set your own poses or animations.

This is full 3D skp,not sure how or if it will work with Softplan.

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@liamk887 on my current project I am creating 3D animation, but typically I do 3D still shot images, which this would be very helpful in the future…Thanks for for information.

@Solo I’ll PM you, but in case future individuals have the same question, what is a “rigged model”?

A rigged model is normally in a T pose with “bones” connected like image below.

The “bones” (blue bits) are used for posing and animating.

@Solo oh wow that’s awesome…Is that function available on the FREE SU or PRO only?

Neither, it’s a different software

@Solo are the ‘how to’ instructions easy or maybe you’re familiar of a ‘how to’ video or instructional tutorial?..I’m a currently new to SU, actually have 13 days left of free trial, in a nutshell, I’m familiar with modeling being a former Solidworks operator, but SU is different.

@Solo just saw your reply, what software?

This is a whole topic of it’s own, I’d suggest you start learning the basics of character creation, posing and animating with a free software called Daz, I started here too many years ago and still use it often:

There are a ton of tutorials for this online.

@Solo I appreciate that and will certainly be looking into this.

This brings up another topic that I’ll post as new topic later, but for now, thanks for the model and advice, you guidance is much appreciated.

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