3D Equipment Layouts

Hi. I am currently looking at a project at work that requires putting different Holograms of equipment into a real life environment. I have managed to get our own SketchUp files loaded on to the HL but is there a function to be able to view multiple SketchUp models?

You can only load one model in the Mobile viewers and the Mixed reality extension, best to load all the equipment in one major file, I guess and use that.

If you have a Microsoft hololens, you should be able to view multiple models via Trimble Connect.

Thanks very much Mike. I’m experimenting with Trimble connect now. I’ve worked out how to have multiple Models. I’m now trying to see if Trimble will allow me to edit them and move them in a live situation. Thanks for your help.

Arranging stuf works better inside SketchUp with the Trimble Connect extension, import the assets as reference and then save those alignments settings to the project. No need to realign in Trimble Connect.ezgif.com-gif-maker

Hey Mike, I’m so sorry I missed this message and video you posted. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me, I really appreciate it.