SketchUp Viewer VR cannot load model or connect to Trimble 3D Warehouse

I use sketchup viewer VR with samsung mix reality headset
I login to sketchup viewer VR with my sketchup pro account.

but i cannot open my 3D model or 3d ware house model.

I see select region in trible connect but no option to select.

Sketchup 2019 19.3.253
sketchup viewer(VR) 2.2.17


Try to use the desktop app on computer and select region there.
The logins are kind of ‘sticky’
Then start VR again

in sketchup pro 2019.
I cannot see where is region setting .
I cann use 3D ware house and my trimble connect normanly.

srry meant the trimble connect desktop app
Download here:

I have download trible connect and set server location to asia
sketchup viewer VR still cannot use trimble connect.

I want to view my odel in sketchup viewer
I try copy my sketchup file to C:users/my user name/object 3D/ but icannot see my model

I try use another computer is sam reslut , cannot open my model from local drive and trimble connect both.