How to add multiple models at once in VR sketch up?

Hi! I’m completing a project for uni and was wondering if anyone knows how you can add and view multiple models at once in VR sketch? I have being able to view one at a time but I’d like them all in the mini ‘museum’ bit at the start if that makes sense? Thank you :relaxed:

Can you just combine them all into one .skp file?

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Hi @Lolamilly

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to load multiple models in the same session in SketchUp Viewer for VR. However as @endlessfix mentioned you can create a new file on SketchUp Pro on your Mac, load all the various models you want to combine there, save the file, and load that one on the VR Viewer.

Nonetheless, I would be very interested to talk to you about your specific workflow and understand what you are trying to achieve. I will send you a separate message to schedule a call.



Have you looked at Twinmotion… very capable and free… you can link multiple files and also have phasing ti interactively control visibility… eg different stages, options or materials

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Are you able to walk around the model in twin motion or is it fixed camera views / videos? :slightly_smiling_face:

You can walk or fly in Twinmotion.

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