Importing Multiple Images at once into Sketchup File


I am a joiner/cabinetmaker based on Vancouver Island, BC. I’m a long time Sketchup user, but am brand new to this forum.

As part of my work flow for the past few years when staring a new project, I have been using an iPhone app called MyMeasures (highly recommended!). It allows me to photograph, and then overlay measurements (as well as notes, angles, etc) directly onto the photo for easy reference. I will often have a dozen or more photos that I then import one at a time into Sketchup where I can refer to them directly in my Sketchup file while designing.

What I am wondering is if anyone knows of a way of importing multiple photos into a Sketchup drawing at once?

Any tips are appreciated:)

Best, Galen

I do a similar thing with importing images for reference. Never seen anything to btch import a bunch of images as images. Could be interesting although it depends on where they get placed. If they wind up piled up at the origin leaving you to separate them and distribute them where you want them, that might not be so pleasant.

Have you thought about stitching the images together into a single image for import?

Hi Dave,

I haven’t. I was hoping that there was perhaps a plugin already available, but I will explore stitching if needed. Thanks for the tip.

On Windows you can drag images directly from File Explorer into the SketchUp model window. You have to do that one at a time but it is faster than going through the Import dialogs. I don’t know if it works on the Mac.

Hi Anssi,

I’ve used that method before, it’s how I usually import my photos. I do have to end up scaling them and creating a group though.

I think I will probably use the workaround that DaveR suggested, and create a collage that I can import. It seems the simplest solution.