Importing photos in SketchUp Free for the Web

On SketchUp Make I can go to File > Import.

Is there an option for this on the free version of SketchUp for the web? I’m using Chrome with macOS High Sierra.

I see an Import section, but it just brings me to my Google Drive. I don’t save my photos there.

Top left of the screen, folder icon, scroll down to Insert, click the computer icon and browse.




Thanks for your “constructive criticism”.

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Works perfect. Thanks.

Actually it was meant to be constructive and informative. Many new users don’t even realise there is a thread search. Immediate help isn’t always available and the search tool can save you some time finding answers.
In any event I’m sorry if my suggestion hurt your feelings because it wasn’t intended.
The post was flagged as abusive which is absurd. I’ve been instructed likewise and presented links to common threads.

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