Why isn't it possible to work with multiple viewports?

Hello Guys,
Beside SketchUp, I work with Allplan & Cinema4d. Those programs allow multiple viewports, which can save time and can provide better overview. For example in Architecture it is very useful, to use ground viewport and 3d-viewport simultaneously to place or move around furniture. Even using 3 or more viewports make sense: Ground Plan, 3d-View and Section-View or an Elevation.
Of course I can switch to different views in SketchUp, but I would like to see it simultaneously.

Example from Cinema4d following, showing multiple viewports on one monitor. But usually I spread the multiple views on two or three Monitors.

Is an Extension out there which can fulfill my wish?
Or are there any plans by the Developers for this for future SketchUp-Versions? Would be awesome.

Greetings, Peter

That’s an interesting idea. At present, you can only view scenes one at a time but I guess it must be possible to have a number tiled as you show if the software allowed it.

Obviously, there are viewports in Layout, but you want something in a workspace where each updates in real time, I’m guessing.

Maybe this should go in Feature Requests?

If you’re running Enscape you can turn off the camera sync, position the Enscape viewport where you need it and use it as secondary viewport.

yes, it hast to update in real time.
This would also enable the designer / cad-drafter to look at his design simultaneously from different angles.

Ah, could be a solution. But would be nice if it works without Enscape.

I’d hate having to look at multiple viewports. too much work. I don’t use other applications that work that way for that exact reason.


For simple things you can have copies of components rotated, editing would shown the effects on different planes.
A little ‘game-like’ 2D navigator to show where the camera is in the model would be nice, I think.

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Me too. I think this is advantage :slight_smile: