Would Sketchup works with multiples views like another software?

Would sketchup works with multiples views, like 3dsmax or revit?

No. When you learn, you find that working in a perspective view you zoom and orbit is the most effective way of modelling in SketchUp.


I don’t know if the split screens are possible. However, in thinking about the feature.
– It looks cool like maybe a more complex or mature software.
– Any view window is only 25% of a full screen, more difficult to work on.
– Sketchup is so easy to Pan, Orbit, Zoom. Seems a more workable plan.
– Scenes give the same accessibility to unlimited views when you need then.
– Scenes do not require divided (lessened) screen space.
–…My eyes can only see one view at one time.


Okay, i agree. But, sometimes change between some views or scenes is the worst way to model something. But as i said, just sometime.

There are Standard Views you can choose, and you could set a scene up for a particular view. It wouldn’t give you the four at the same time, but would be an easy way to jump to the views that you’re used to working from.

Another option is to model with components. With those you could have a copy of the component off to the side, rotated to look from different views. Then any changes you make inside one copy of the component would immediately show up in the other copies.

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When you are modeling, and comparsing some details, i believe that multiples views can be more efficient.

Saw the result at the same time in different views, could be more productive. I swear. Idk if is cause i’m using another softwares and it makes me more productive, i’d like to see this feature in any future version of SU.

When I worked in an engineering office in 1970 (pre computer for us then) many engineers thought if they had many different plans scattered about, the boss would think they were High Production. Split screens seem about the same innovation.

Here’s a quick screen recording to show the component way of working I mentioned.


Thats great. but if i’ve 4 componets my models will be a bit more heavy. Do you agree?

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Not quite. Components are meant for having multiple instances of identical items. It’s actually a good way of keeping your file size down in more typical workflows. In your case, yes, it will add to the overall file size, but not compared to simply making four unique groups.

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A while ago I answered the same question with this example.

3 views.skp (32.7 KB)


I tested that with my example. Showing the four copies gave a file that is 164,590 bytes, one copy is 158,580 bytes. The overhead for having three other copies was about 6kb.


That is cool. How did you accomplish it?

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Three instances of a component, each one rotated to show a different view.